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Why Marketing Automation is Necessary for Your Business?


Marketing Automation

Why Marketing Automation is Necessary for Your Business?

Automation is not just a buzz word in the technological world. During fast technical development, it has become a necessary tool for a proper marketing strategy. Right now many organizations and companies are considering these tools as one of the core marketing processes. If you are not using marketing automation yet, it’s time to consider using them.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation technology is mainly a component of the Customer Relationship Management or CRM of a company. This technology allows organizations to target present and potential customer with an automated marketing campaign. This promotion uses a wide variety of channels including social media, e-mail, landing pages, websites, etc. to generate sales lead. Marketing automation software works as a tool to relieve the marketing department from repetitive tasks and boost comprehensive marketing efficiency.


Marketing automation process can benefit your organization in numerous ways. Here are some very basic advantages you will get from marketing automation software.

Reduction of marketing staff cost

With a powerful marketing automation software, one employee can compete with few persons working with traditional marketing methods. A robust automation system can analyze difficult marketing data in seconds and prepare an appropriate marketing campaign according to specific criteria. It will reduce the need for more employees in significant numbers.

More creativity with less repetition

While the marketing team is free up from tedious repetitive works, their creativity boosts up naturally which surely results in inexorably innovative marketing strategies.

Increase accountability of marketing department

A proper marketing automation software gives the bird’s eye view on the actual state of the sales leads. It ensures the accountability of the marketing staff to perform efficiently.

Refine your marketing strategy

Marketing automation enables you to visualize the whole customer journey from start to end. This overall study helps you to detect the flows of the marketing strategy. And gradually you will get a better idea of how to refine your marketing strategy to target and develop more leads.

Alignment of marketing creative and sales team

Using a common marketing automation software by both creative and sales team brings alignment in their operational procedure which leads to more optimization of resources and time.

Some Statistics

According to some recent studies and reports, the necessity and demand for marketing automation software are increasing. According to the “Yearly Marketing Survey 2019” (2019) of House of Marketing, 48% of marketers consider marketing automation tools as one of the most useful ways when it comes to generating customized consumer experience.

Most of the users of marketing automation software admitted that they found significant improvements in customer targeting and conversion rate. Along with these some other important benefits of marketing automation have come across in different statistics and reports.

For example:

• Better target marketing.
• Improvement of campaign management.
• Efficient database management.
• Optimization of productivity.
• Improvement in the measurement of sales performance.
• Enhancement of marketing ROI.
• Better customer experience.
• Increase in conversion rate.
• Budget efficiency.
• Increased profit.

Is there any risk with Marketing Automation Software?

Although marketing automation software can do wonders when it comes to improving customer experience. But some executives find some minor risks regarding marketing automation software. When an organization implements any marketing automation tool the first risk occurs with the workers. Marketing automation tools transform the whole marketing operating system. So the adoption of this new technology can emerge a little bit of tension among the employees. Another thing is about the proper optimization of such technology. In many cases, companies fail to get the most out of marketing software. Robust and reliable marketing software is full of versatile features. It is necessary to learn about all features before using the software. Employees need to have proper training before starting to use the tool. Otherwise, the vital goal of marketing automation tool will be hard to acquire.

Final Words

Despite some little risks, the implementation and optimization of marketing automation software are increasing drastically with time. It has become a rising trend as it can enhance sales and profit. The right implementation of marketing automation tool with the right marketing strategy can bring a significant rise in customer attraction.

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