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When it comes to Start up a business, our services are proper choice for Your Startup

With the 10 years of experience and a friendly approach to new ventures, PROPER ICT always welcome new startups and partnerships. We believe in synergistic execution of performance to encourage organizations to turn their startup journey into scale up. With favorable financial and IT environment, Kosovo has become a desired place to start or extend a business. If you are also thinking of taking the advantages of Kosovo’s emerging business ecosystem, then we can surely help you to succeed.

Creating a startup business and taking it to the path of success consists of different phases of challenges. It is always helpful to take support from experts to ease out these challenges. Proper ICT is here to do that for you so that startup in Kosovo becomes a prosperous journey for you. Your achievement matters to us and we design our startup services to ensure that.

Startup Services

Full ICT Architecture

A full-proof ICT architecture is a must for any startup to walk toward future evolution. Let us modify your business strategy into ICT strategy to simplify your business operation.


We will help new as well as experienced companies with expert advice on each and every aspects of business startups.

Talented Recruitment

We know the importance of the right recruitment for any startups. We are proficient in designing customized employee search. We will help you select the right talent in the shortest possible time.

Help with the Investors

PROPER ICT will help you in the path of connecting with the similar-minded investors and funds to boost up your business.

Relationship Building

As an experienced startup service providers, PROPER ICT is an expert in connecting new businesses with potential consumers, governments, corporate, and fellow startups.

Start Up your business!