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Information technology is intended to simplify business infrastructure, but unfortunately, it is becoming tedious for business people. The reason being that the technology world is dynamic, changing constantly. One finds it difficult to keep pace with the sudden transitions of modern technology.

As an enthusiastic entrepreneur, you can do anything but not everything. If you are currently at a point where your business’s IT framework needs to be managed or revised, then we are here to end up your struggles.

IT management is not a one-time deal; it is a never-ending journey. Things will evolve and emerge, and your business must keep going evenly.

We provide a full wide range of managed IT services that are the backbone for any business to function flawlessly. Information technology is here to last for centuries, and so are our services. With the solutions as rigid as an unbreakable stone, we simplify the process of implementing subtle Information Technology into your business skeleton.

Satisfy your company’s cravings utilizing accurately enacted solutions by PROPER ICT.

Here is the list of services we can enact to scale up your current levels:

  • Data Administration Services

    Are you apprehensive about your database maintenance getting sabotaged by uninvited issues? It’s time to abandon those sorts of worries.

    PROPER ICT is adept at providing data administration services that meet the highest security standards. Get end to end managed data centers. We know it’s hard to find an agency that handles your data without compromising confidentiality.

    We are just not responsible, but we possess integrity too. Forget data losses and leakage with timely audits and strict monitoring performed by our experts.

  • Managed Security Services

    Doing business during times when newspaper headlines are flooded with the news of cybercrimes seems risky and daunting. You not only have to beat your competitors, but the malicious hackers are also your enemies.

    Shaking hands with the dedicated team of PROPER ICT is the wisest decision of yours.

    We have the ability to bolster your LANs, intranet, VPNs by deploying firewalls and antivirus along with eagle-eyed surveillance rendered by our team.

  • Cloud Computing Services

    When it comes to delivering cloud services, you can count on us from being your best cloud advisor to cloud providers. Building industry-specific cloud solutions and proper management is also included in our platter. Get the right set of cloud solutions that meet your requirements using Azure, Office 365, and AWS.

  • Enterprise Management Services

    Your focus should be on the core missions of your company. Transfer the crucial managed IT tasks to trustworthy hands.

    Hire a diligent team of IT specialists to manage your intranet, CRM, and social collaborations with enhanced efficacy. We are here round the clock to look after your human resources, payroll software, financing, and telecommuting.

  • Meticulous Monitoring and Maintenance

    Continuous analytics and powerful maintenance is the key to the successful execution of IT framework. The technologies are changing every hour; businesses become vulnerable to failure in the absence of consistent, proactive management. We clear all the roadblocks before you can bump into them. Reducing risks and increasing productivity is what we do.

Can't find what you need? Reach out to us for custom managed services

We will bestow tailor-made solutions to satiate your company’s thirst for technology.

Blueprint of our winning approach to formulating high-impact IT Management Services

  • 1. Brainstorming Phase 

    Understanding the backlogs and coming up with an adequate set of ideas is our first step. We aggregate manifestations that can be a successful reality. Identify the right tools, bringing the right technologies to function, and revamping your IT configuration is given a blow.

  • 2. Ideation Phase

    Designing a roadmap to victory. A perfect plan needs perfect execution to hit the target. This step is all about bridging the gap between your enterprise and the most-suited technology to ease down your workflows.

  • 3. Implementation Phase

    This step is for setting things in the right places. Our implementation involves optimizing the delivered solutions. The aim is to counteract all the backstage glitches to have a stunning on-stage performance.

Unparalleled benefits of hiring PROPER ICT's managed IT services

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Agile and quality support offered by skilled strategists
  • We have the IT cracker jacks that offer high end IT management services, backed by glorious academic achievements
  • Our team is flexible enough to modify our strategies in alignment with your needs. With our service level agreements (SLA), you have the freedom to make changes in the process.
  • Reap the exclusive benefits of our after-sales services
  • Collaborate with the team that has ironclad experience of being in the industry for 10 years