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Turn on to marvelous software service with the proper medley of quality, strategy, and innovation.

Your requisite. Our passion. And when passion meets necessities, wonders can be created.

Welcome to the land where software development is the religion, and we preach it with sacred intuitions.

Software development comprises various sets of tasks that make up excellent software. It encompasses conceiving, specifying, designing, testing, and bug fixing.

The pathway is complicated and subtle, and it requires diplomatic travelers to cross the way stunningly.

We help you to lead through this path with the greatest degree of convenience and support.

All that can set your business to upswing is here – an accurately executed customized software solutions. Get ahead in digital competition with agile methodologies, pragmatic innovations, and the latest tools.

The services we offer:

  • Customized Software Development
  • Software Consulting
  • Software Product Development

Our technology assets:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • SQL server
  • JAVA
  • Python

What sets us apart from our competitors is that the PROPER ICT team has mastered the art of integrating both technical elements and user interface abilities.

The process of creating software is made ‘proper’ to drive ingenious results. Power up your next software project with a dedicated and diligent team with sharp experience and software culture expertise.

Modern age software must possess some remarkable traits to be successful. Your target users will love your product if it efficiently solves their problem.

How to curate an efficient problem-solving software? Leave this work up to us. We believe more in doing rather than telling.

The qualities we are going to incorporate on your next big successful software are:

1. Security

Software is of no means until and unless free from all sorts of external threats. User’s privacy should not be leaked or disclosed anyhow.

While automatic safety updates are required at a timely interval, we ensure data safety at the software development process’s initial stages. Keep your data safe with PROPER ICT.

2. Performance

Who would like to go for frequent slacking systems? An excellent software is the one that delivers results with optimal pace, accuracy, and convenience.

People will love the product when it just does not solve their problem but does the same with an adequate performance level.

3. Speed

Anyone hardly sits to see a software that takes too long to appear. People get annoyed and reject your software at the go, no matter how worth it was otherwise.

Therefore, speed is the thing you can’t compromise on. Get software that speeds up your business along with its usability.

4. User-friendly interface

A new user must be able to get started with your software without anyone’s help.

This can be executed through easy navigation, buttons, links, readable headings, and instructions. The games that provide instructions when the user plays them for the first time are likely to get more praise and positive word of mouth.

5. Portability

Portability is best defined by the ability of the software to be portable across several hardware configurations. It is one of the brilliant methods of cutting down the cost.

As the same software is now functional across many hardware devices instead of developing much software to combat each hardware configuration separately.

Your efforts and money are both saved.

6. Flexibility

The software world is constantly changing and dynamic. We need to keep pace with the altering consumer habits.

Flexibility is when any software function can be added, removed, or modified as per the consumer’s needs without influencing other functions.

Upgradable and scalable software solutions are what you require.

So, what to wait for. Contact us today!

Get outstanding results within a reasonable time. Exceeding your expectations is our hustle. We are proficient at working with Microsoft cloud, SharePoint solutions, and Micro Business Applications.

PROPER ICT, the name you can rely on to scale up your software venture.