Get a website that represents your brand, reflects your message, and build a strong customer base, forever.

E-commerce has created a scope for uncountable opportunities and challenges at the same time. You only hunt for the opportunities, we take of the challenges that hinder your path.

You are just a step away from creating a winning e-commerce website. A website that can attract thousands of customers every day with a rightfully crafted website.

Hire the brilliant team of developers to illuminate the future your e-commerce business venture

We frame end to end strategies to establish an online marketplace where you can showcase an overwhelming variety of your products, let your customers add them to cart followed by a secured checkouts.

Get feedback and testimonials to create trust and credibility in the digital sphere of yours. We don’t make you survive this digital era, we prepare you to lead.

Magento Development services

Scale up your sales with an expert team of Magento developers. We have a team to formulate customized e-commerce website services.

PROPER ICT is your reliable partner in empowering your next project with Magento web development services.

Any guesses why nearly 2M brands prefer Magento for managing their online sales:

  • Efficient catalog management
  • Secure checkouts
  • Multilingual and multi-currency
  • 5M products can be displayed on a single-store
  • Rich customization’s

OpenCart development services

OpenCart has driven many businesses to reach new heights with its extensive features and functions. Work with a highly experienced and dedicated team.

OpenCart is the adorable choice of business worldwide due to the following facets:

  • Easy catalog management
  • Google Analytics integration to monitor organic traffic
  • Smooth management of orders and deliveries
  • Mobile friendly
  • Multi-functional
  • Marketing tools integration
  • Inbuilt payment gateway
  • Wide range of themes

The following are the cherries we embed into your website’s cake. This eventually boosts up your brand’s digit impact.

  • 1. Mobile friendly

    More than 50% of the visitors surfing your website will be mobile users. And that’s a big number. You can’t afford to miss such huge traffic due to a lack of AMP approach.

  • 3. Interactive User Interface and User Design

    Before your customers proceed towards ordering products, they would explore across your website. Give them the best-ever view of the website. This ultimately leads to increased conversion rates.

  • 2. Responsive

    Your website instantly becomes adapted to the device it is searched on. The desktop users will get a large and clear view while mobile users will too get a reduced but a clarified version of the site in an amazing way.

  • 4. SEO friendly

    A good and capturing web design is of no use until anyone finds it. We make sure your website appears in search engine results whenever the relevant keyword is entered by your potential buyers.

  • 5. Performance optimized

    We won’t leave the development process until each and every spec of your website is fully functional. From inventory management to convenient payments, everything will run smoothly. The quickest page loading speed will be assigned to your new website.

  • 7. Scalable development

    In an e-commerce world, your business needs to be ready for changes that can bang at any time. Your horizons will be expanded as when required to be in alignment with the latest marketing tactics, changing consumer behaviors, and business plans.

  • 6. Secured

    We will be securing your website with SSL/TLS certification to make it reputable in the eyes of Google and your customers. All the data allied with your online marketplace will be kept confidential.


Creating a brand new e-commerce website that soars your business
Optimizing your already existing website to unleash it’s compete for potential in Digital space.


Have a detailed synopsis of our ingeniously handcrafted solutions that last forever. You can choose an entire bundle or one single service from an array. We immediately align ourselves to abide by your needs.

  • Woocommerce optimization

    With a team of WordPress/WooCommerce masterminds, e-commerce development becomes a matter of splendid happiness for us. Tones of plugins, vivid customized themes, and every single integration that your business demands will be equipped by us.

  • Unlimited integrations

    Often, your business needs third party API integrations for tracking leads, analyzing traffic, maximizing funnels and pipelines, and so on. Be it email marketing or chatbot automation, we seek perfection on everything we do for you.

  • Multistore setup

    Why fit in one box when you can choose many? For the entrepreneurs who have vast categories of fascinating products, we help you set up multiple storefronts under one roof.

  • Finest CMS

    From Magento to WooCommerce, we weave in every system that perfectly suits your demands. Our team is adept at working with various open-source e-commerce platforms.

  • CRM

    Enhance the way you interact with your customers through advanced CRM software. We can provide the solutions of your choice by embedding software like Hubspot, Zoho, Salesforce, and custom CRM.

  • Payment gateway

    Get a simple yet brilliant payment gateway integration. Enchant your users with quality paying experience as they make their first purchase. The rich experience will compel them to become your loyal and recurring customers.

  • ERP

    Resource planning is given equal attention to other attributes. Automating your daily processes involving accounting, marketing, customer service, managing payroll, finances, and inventory management, all will be set at the right place by our excellent team.

  • Custom admin panel

    Manage multiple stores and tasks with great ease. Procure a customized admin panel with as many features as you want.


Budget-friendly packages

Receive the highest grade services without stressing your pockets much. We understand as a businessman and budding entrepreneur, you already have myriads of streams to invest in. We care about your financial budget and goals to build your digital empire at the fairest price possible.

100% satisfaction

Satisfaction is what we deliver along with innovative solutions. Get your work done your way.

NDA policy

All your data and ideas will be owned solely by you. PROPER ICT is the name you can trust. Our NDA policy aims to build a strong foundation of reliability towards the businesses we cater to.

On-time delivery

Fixed deadlines without any compromise. We value time. We value time management even more. You are going to hire a team that has mastered the art of time management to deliver proper work within the proper time.

Smooth deployment

Ours are the solutions you can easily get affixed with. There will no struggle to understand the working and maintenance. Our expert team will also train you wherever necessary.

After-sales support

Service gets over but support never wipes off. We are committed to providing agile support to all our clients even after you receive your shiny e-commerce website with absolute efficacy.


A decade of experience transformed us from jacks to kings in the world of e-commerce website development services. We have a blissful record of 10 years in the field with tens of satisfied customers.


Not only knowledge, but we also empower the modern business with our expert reasoning abilities. To solve consulted challenges that arise in e-commerce development, expert wisdom is required and PROPER ICT has that wisdom.

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