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Committed to empowering businesses through world-class outsourcing services

Suppose you have a brilliant business setup, and you have been running your business quite amazingly.

But some roadblocks have popped up like digitalization, digital format of your website, digital marketing, digital ways of providing your services, and infrastructure solutions for your business outcomes-uphills and pitfalls.

Now, you don’t know how to deal with these giant cyberspace roadblocks?

Right here, we step up and come up with a number of solutions for your precious queries regarding:

  • Website designing
  • Application management
  • Infrastructure your business
  • Whole running of your business


The most renowned company in Kosovo, Proper ICT is on board!

At PROPER ICT, the cultural environment is such that working together becomes fun. The healthy atmosphere in which the team members thrive makes them capable of solving tough equations.

If you think your business has problems that cannot be outsourced, then this perfectly functioning team is all set to provide you with several outsourcing solutions to your business.

Here's a bundle of beads with which we adorn your business. There are fabulous four features that you will cherish after collaborating with us:

  • 1. Financially feasible price packages

    To get business solutions, you have to pay in buckets. But at PROPER ICT, we are pocket-friendly. You get the service you wanted, exactly at the rate you wanted.

  • 3. Next level technology

    The customer is omnipresent, and so is the service provided by PROPER ICT. You would like to outsource your work to people capable of completing the work. With the help of a strategic tool, we understand exactly what the business owner wants, and we provide them with the help of our ICT services.

  • 2. Favorable time zone

    In the Southeast European region, PROPER ICT has gained a lot of fame and name. Providing services will not be an issue for those living there, thanks to the same time zone.

  • 4. Quality-oriented approach

    Everything at PROPER ICT comes with a top-notch quality tag. With the assistance of the supreme-quality ICT outsourcing company in Kosova, you are sure to get simplified ICT solutions to your blooming business because we believe in innovation, and innovation is key to any cyberspace achievement.

Extended perks of outsourcing to PROPER ICT

In the world full of exaggerated overtalks, filtered up smiles, and fake promises, finding something genuine is no less than hitting a flying bird’s eye.

We deliver what we promise. Exceeding your expectations is a part of our passion but doing less than expected isn’t tolerated here.

At PROPER ICT, you have access to:

Restless Quality Support

We are available every time, and anytime you need us. Reap agile support from an active team. PROPER ICT’s team are support enthusiasts, proactive to lend you their helping gestures, anytime. Shake hands with PROPER ICT and forget technological obstacles forever.

Reliable Security

Keeping all its information confidential is the biggest challenge for every company while outsourcing the tasks. Your search for trustworthy partners ends here. With the stronger ever networks and sincerely honest team, you can preserve all your gems in our cartons.

Powerful Solutions

Open out to solutions that work in the direction of prosperity. All your projects will be delivered with bonzer efficacy. Get chilled up after outsourcing your work here and count on you. You just made one of the best decisions of your life. Trust us!

Maintenance and Management

From the infancy stages until the project reaches its end phase, and even after that, you will find PROPER ICT’s support as a shadow. Avail our after-sales surveillance. Excited enough to help you after the project terms and duration is over. Our journey with you doesn’t end so early.

We are waiting eagerly to discuss your project!