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Bringing your workforce remotely together to ensure limitless business growth

It’s time to optimize the way you interact with your professional workforce virtually.

The Covid-19 pandemic crisis already taught us the significance of work from home discipline. One can realize how important it is to make your business feasible and accessible irrespective of geographical location.

As many enterprises have switched on to work from home models, but not all of them find success in enforcing it properly.

Come in for world-class work from home consulting services catered by PROPER ICT – a smart way to fix all the defects that deter you from establishing smooth business management remotely.

“Don’t let geographical distances distant your team apart. Keep working on your next wonderful project with proximal discussions”.

Your virtual team can be equally efficient and productive. At PROPER ICT, we provide real-time, actionable, and practical solutions to bring your office workforce together digitally.

Even after the quarantine phase is over, work from home can still be a profitable business version. It fetches you tonnes of advantage.

Why work from home can be a promising policy

  • Flexible Schedule 

    Who doesn’t loves freedom? With home-based working models, people get great flexibility in their working hours. Flexible work favors a focussed mind. Work on the time when you are most productive and skyrocket your company’s success.

  • Save Time

    No travel. No traffic. You can save a lot of precious time. As it’s said, “time is money.” Better time management means better financial management. Spend that time to read books, learn new relevant skills, and rekindle your hobbies.

  • Save Money

    Work from home offers you an opportunity to cut some portion of your expenses. Narrow down the maintenance cost of your physical workplace. You can even save on the car’s diesel or office’s electricity bills.

  • Enhanced Health 

    No more messed up sleep cycles. No more skipping meals. Many people even leave breakfast to rush for the bus, which they would miss otherwise. Staying at home boosts healthy well-being through an enhanced eating routine.

  • Family Time

    Looking from a non-professional perspective, a family is true of utmost importance in everyone’s life. All CEOs of the year can play the role of best fathers/mothers too.

  • Convenience 

    Work at your own pace within your own space, away from the early morning alarms, traffic hassles, and high-pressure morning routine. Start your mornings steadily with meditation. There is no formal dress code, as well.

PROPER ICT walks hand in and with the latest visionary technology. We turn your stones into gold by coupling our team’s expert insights with the utility of technological gadgets.

Microsoft 365 Services

Featuring Microsoft 365 to level up your home-based working strategies. We leverage the capability of Microsoft Teams to empower your remote working team. The implementation of proper solutions to enhance your virtual working experience is our sole duty.

Forget all the glitches that obstruct your communication and conferences. Focus only on the projects. We will uphold the backend framework.

Pondering about what Microsoft Team can do to level up your work from the home business model?

1. Coming up together

Weave your team together with Microsoft teams cloud applications. Make instant high-quality video calls with a single click.

2.Discuss your next move 

Control who all can attend meetings. Limit the accessibility of team members. You get full flexibility to turn off any particular individual from the meeting. The meetings can be recorded as well.

3. Edit and share files

Collaborate effectively through resource exchange. Discuss every aspect and keep everyone updated with the progress.

Access documents from MS word, excel, PowerPoint, etc.

4. Launch the final product

Deliver fascinating presentations on digital rooms. Aggregate opinions and brainstorm winning ideas together. Get ready to showcase your final product in front of your audience.

Google Meet Services

Make a smart move with Google’s excellent cloud application – Google Meet. Share your ideas over a strongly protected and secured network.

How Google Meet amplify the workflow among your workforce digitally?

1. Host a meeting with your entire crew

The quality that mesmerizes everyone. Get a 360-degree view of your meeting. Send invitation through Gmail, chats, and events calendar. Join meetings on the go.

2. Go live anytime, anywhere

Live streaming with anyone from any location across the world. All this starts with a single click. Plan a live event on the google event calendar and execute it marvelously.

3. Keep everything organized

Keep things and events organized. Assign tasks to your team members and remain connected in every sense. From the first draft to editing to final publishing, everything remains under your control.

4. Get work done flawlessly

No connectivity issues, no security threats. Our team managers and eradicates every flaw that hinders the working of your team. We help you unlock the complete power of the latest technology with smart suggestions to uplift your enterprise’s working conditions.

  • How we deliver high yield work from home services

    PROPER ICT  is a leading and reliable company in a sphere of consultancy. We create innovative solutions that help your business empire to remain connected virtually while they are isolated geographically.

    We are ingenious at delivering superior grade Microsoft teams and Google Meets consulting services. Now connect, communicate, and collaborate with the same ease as you do it traditionally. The moment you face any problem, we will be in.

    You are sure to get three things apart from prodigious consulting services.

  • 1.  Client-specific ordinances

    We tailor special solutions that solve your problem right from its roots. The agile services, practical bits of advice, and executive solutions will be provided exclusively for you.

  • 2.  Support 24/7

    Reach us as many times and find us ready to help you every time. Our supportive hands are extended to serve you every day of the week. Try and prove it yourself!

  • 3. Ensuring a flawless connection

    Remain connected for hours without any errors. We redefine the way you telecommute through our world-class actionable guidance. See revived results in no time.

We feel privileged to solve the problems that are impeding you from engaging your human resources to work with the highest degree of efficacy.