Our Firm Mission, Vision, and Core Values Make Us
The Best IT Outsourcing Company in South East Europe

Our Mission

We thrive to be the best-in-class IT outsourcing company in Kosovo. Our mission stems from our strong will to help businesses utilize the power of technology, simplify their work structure, and make a significant influence on the development of Global IT Services with our innovative and practical Digital Solutions.

Our Vision

We are a close group of people, strongly knit together with the sole purpose of serving the industry. We strive to empower businesses and make them work more effectively and efficiently. Passion and enthusiasm are what drives us, and keeps us, and our clients motivated.

Core Values

We stick by the core values that make us the best in the industry. Learn more about us

Customer satisfaction
Giving our complete devotion to exceeding the customer expectations gets top priority in PROPER ICT as we feel that it is our duty to fulfill customer needs.

Goal-oriented services
PROPER ICT believes in results. So we put continuous efforts to provide improved goal-oriented services.

Respect to laws
We know the value of laws and put our utmost respect to the international and local laws while doing business.

Fair and honest
We make sure that all our business propositions and transactions are honest, fair, and transparent to the customers, clients, partners, and shareholders.

Strive to lead
With innovation and skills, we want to set the standard of services that others will want to follow.