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Why considering IT Outsourcing in Kosovo?

Reasons behind the success of IT Outsourcing in Kosovo


Why considering IT Outsourcing in Kosovo?

IT Outsourcing in Kosovo

Reasons behind the success of IT Outsourcing in Kosovo

Recently, Kosovo has become a promising name in the outsourcing world. As some great IT Outsourcing Companies in Kosovo like PROPERICT is rising with immense customer satisfaction, Kosovo is turning to be one of the major attractive destinations for businesses to obtain outsourcing services. Whether it is Business Process Outsourcing or Information Process Outsourcing, companies are giving greater priority to Kosovo. And there are numerous reasons behind that. The cost-effectiveness, highly skilled and well educated IT professionals, the combination of different cultural influences, preferable economic circumstances are the reasons which make the companies like PROPER ICT a great choice when it comes to discovering the IT Outsourcing Companies in Kosovo.

Why considering IT Outsourcing in Kosovo?

Low Cost ICT Kosovo

Low cost

The best noticeable advantage of IT Outsourcing in Kosovo is the cost. The IT sector of Kosovo is much cheaper than any western country. You can save quite a lot of money if you outsource IT labor from Kosovo. And the best part is these outsourcing resources can bring a noteworthy saving in any organizations capital asset. Because you don’t have to pay a specific amount every month. You will just pay for the work you will need. And it will make a valuable impact on the overall cost management.

Efficiency in Different Languages Kosovo

Efficiency in different languages

When it comes to outsourcing, English is the main communicating tool for decades. But nowadays, efficiency in only one language is not enough at all. With the rising competition, companies are trying to attract their consumers by communicating with additional languages like German, French or Spanish. Kosovo is a home of several German, French, Italian, and other European language speakers. This multilingual language skill makes Kosovo a great outsourcing destination.

Extremely Skilled Young Workforces Kosovo

Extremely skilled young workforce

Kosovo has a significant number of young individuals in the whole population. According to some studies, around seven out of ten Kosovo population is not older than 35 years. This young generation is highly skilled with proper IT education and training. Every year a great number of these young population complete their graduation. The educational system of Kosovo emphasizes the fundamental science and engineering, thus creates a talented workforce in the financial and IT service market.

Convenient Time Zone Kosovo

Convenient time zone

Kosovo is situated in a convenient time zone for regions like the UK, and the USA because it has the same time zone as Germany. The time is in the CET (Central European Time Zone). It is just one hour fast than GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Kosovo is just one hour ahead of England and only 6 hours ahead of America.

Suitable Geographical Proximity Kosovo

Suitable geographical proximity

The geographical position of Kosovo makes it a hot spot for both Information Technology Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing. It is situated in the center of Europe which is quite close to the UK which makes it a convenient place to obtain particularly trained labor at a comparatively lower price.

Resemblance in the Work Culture Kosovo

The resemblance in the work culture

You can find a lot of similarities in the cultural environment of Kosovo with the UK, USA, and Europe. Especially, the professional cultural environment is almost resemblance to each other which makes it a healthier workplace by diminishing the differences caused by unlike cultural atmosphere.

Easy to Start and Continue Business Kosovo

Easy to start and continue business

The business and labor law is very convenient for organizations to acquire outsourcing labor from Kosovo. The tax system is easy and transparent with a comparatively low tax fee than the neighboring countries. Another great part is that the local currency is Euro which makes it even easier to acquire IT Outsourcing in Kosovo.

Advanced ICT Kosovo

Advanced Information and Communication Technology

Since early 2000, Kosovo has experienced an outstanding development in the Information and Communication Technology. This revolutionary growth in the ICT sector attracts a huge number of organizations to attain IT Outsourcing in Kosovo.

Flexibility IT Kosovo


IT Outsourcing in Kosovo provides an organization with the flexibility to modify its labor force according to its altering demand. With a huge number of ICT educated professionals, it is quite easy to change the workforce as per the requirements.

Profitable Economic IT Kosovo

Profitable economic circumstances

The economic circumstance of Kosovo provides greater opportunities to enterprises. It is very profitable to start a new business or acquire outsourcing labor. According to The World Bank report, Kosovo is one of the best ten countries to start a business.

Hardworking Labor with a Low Payment KosovoHardworking Labor with a Low Payment Kosovo

Hardworking labor with a low payment

Kosovars are known for their hard work. Many of the population work for a long day. And many of them even work on weekends or holidays. And their average wages are quite low compared to the neighboring countries. That’s why Kosovo is considered as a lucrative destination to outsource services.

Business Friendly IT Kosovo


Business-friendly infrastructure

The infrastructure of Kosovo is quite business friendly. There are so many direct flights to outside countries. Thus, traveling to Kosovo is not a problem at all.

Final words

With the emerging progress in the global ICT sector, outsourcing has become a need of time. With the rapid growth and development in this sector, Kosovo is all set to become the most attractive destination for outsourcing.