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Digital Transformation examples that will inspire you to embrace the change


Digital Transformation

The way we do business is changing radically. Don’t fear this change. Face it. Embark your journey towards becoming DIGITAL because results are going to be fruitful. A good online presence of your company can prudently hike the level of visibility, render recognition to your brand, and cover a vast majority of the audience. With evolving technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, your business must be prepared to adapt and grow with the booming trends. In this article, we have listed some of the best Digital Transformation examples that can provide you with actionable insights on the process, working, and the benefits of making your business journey digital.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The role of the digital market in healthcare has opened a unique platform called Telemedicine. This method serves as the best alternative for people who have a chronic disease and need a doctor’s guidance now and then.  The range of accessibility and freedom this Digital Transformation provides the patients are beyond measure.  The constraint of a geographic location is broken, and universal accessibility is granted. More than 80% of doctors in the USA have been treating their patients virtually across countries. The Pharma Giants like GSK, Sanofi, Roche, MERCK, etc., have geared up their telemedicine journey by launching consultation apps, medicine delivery services, and more.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Internet of things (IoT) and automation have played an essential role in the manufacturing and production sector. For example, with the invention of 3D printing technology, most spare parts are made in-house instead of outsourcing.  Major Aviation companies like GE, Emirates airline are making use of the 3D printing and modeling technology to produce more than 19 spare parts that can be put together to design the turbine. In the financial year of 2020, GE has invested 3.5 Billion USD in its digital transformation project. The reason these major key players are moving to digital transformation is the many benefits it offers.  With the use of these advanced technologies, companies can save both capital investments and operating costs. The hefty process of logistics, transportation, and storage can also be made simple.

Digital Transformation in Banking

In the banking sector, the use of artificial intelligence and robotic automation has changed the full transaction tracking and bookkeeping process. The back-end tasks are automated, and applying these technologies has reduced the occurrence of human error and mismanagement.  These technologies have reduced the operational costs and the hectic workloads of bank employees. The decision-making process is also made simple with the use of digital transformation. For example, OCBC Singapore Bank has implemented a technical digital innovation strategy and has employed bots to check its eligibility to avail of loans.  The result of such a process has benefited the bank by reducing their spending by 12%. OCBC has also decided to invest 15 million USD in training its employees on the importance of digital trends.

Digital Transformation in the Financial sector

The workloads and the maintenance of the financial sector accounts are made easy with the help of digital transformation. By incorporating the new automation and IT trends, the manual error of finance can be neglected.  The AI and IoT procedures involve specific and highly technical bots and programs that can check and overwrite the tally and balance sheet works. Many companies have shifted their financial information to the cloud, keeping in mind the security and the flexibility it offers.  Many tech institutions and companies like Sutherland, TCS, Capgemini, etc., have employed applications and codes that calculate, estimate, and keep track of the revenue received, spent, salary debits and credits, and more.

Final Thoughts

Only by embracing the technology and moving on par with the trends, the companies can thrive and succeed in the challenging digital world.  The firms can also alter and rebuild the existing business pattern according to their requirements and goals. It is always better to remember that virtualization is the future.  If you encounter any obstacles in your digitalization journey, then PROPER ICT is the team you can always rely on. We will help you to come up with a clear roadmap to achieve your Digital transformation goals successfully. Want to know how we help? Check our services here.